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By 2025, compliance with new, complex rules will be scrutinized by regulators who expect an audit trail from their obligations to your data. This means your assumptions need to be documented and quality processes explained.

RegDelta takes the pain out of obligation management but is better, faster and cheaper than other platforms.

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Your bespoke NLP-powered programme

JWG analysts provide enriched regulatory documentation in your private cloud to streamline your interpretation and provide an audit trail of your regulatory decisions.

Forget spreadsheets, our NLP-driven workflow captures your needs with a straightforward review process and comprehensive audit trail.

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We power a single version of your regulatory truth and evergreen library to pinpoint all your reporting obligations and link them to your data processing.

JWG also offer a bespoke RegRadar service filtering the noise to keep you on top of the latest developments, reducing risk and cutting costs. .

  • Interpret what regulators are asking your business to do
  • Align assumptions and track your business decisions
  • Integrate with your solutions

JWG’s: DRR programme & Euromoney award

JWG has a long history of collaboration in the reporting arena since we helped industry clear understanding of MiFID I in 2006. In the 2010s we collaborated with the FCA and other regulators on reporting TechSprints, and validated RegDelta’s ontology-based approach to capture field-level obligations.

In 2017 we launched a special interest group which was the springboard for the multi-trade association Derivatives DRR effort we ran with 19 firms and 8 suppliers for 2 years.

Our collaborative approach and tooling was awarded a gold medal by Euromoney in 2022 for our NLP-enabled approach which beat out Kaizen, Droit and Ascent.

Don’t wait: Let us help today

Don’t risk difficult conversations with regulators next year. Stop struggling with ever-changing spreadsheets and fully automated solutions that miss the mark.

Our experienced analysts provide a better, faster, more reliable solution than other suppliers via an elegant, NLP-powered workflow.

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Deployed in hours for enterprise access via standard authentication protocols (e.g. SSO), into the cloud or onto current infrastructure


RegDelta has repeatedly passed penetration tests and vendor risk assessments which are filed with global regulators

Open API

RegDelta’s powerful API allows systems to ‘talk’ directly to the database and stay in sync

RegDelta has been created by the JWG Group

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RegDelta is deployed to suit your business needs:  

Stand-alone horizon scanning and rule interpretation

Firms can implement RegDelta and use the core ‘out of the box’ functionality to enable them to manage, link and house applicable regulation through to their obligation register. 

Horizon scanning, rule interpretation and 3rd party tool integration

Using RegDelta’s open API, firms use RegDelta for horizon scanning and obligations reporting. RegDelta is then integrated with external or internal policy and control solutions, enabling firms to have the full end-to-end solution. 

SaaS content feed only

Firms do not need to implement RegDelta to benefit from our horizon scanning, instead they can opt for a ‘content only feed’. This offering allows firms to receive JWG content via SFTP or other secure protocols. The content is easily integrated into an internal systems which can leverage document style sheets.

Our clients have achieved massive returns on their investment. 

Call us on (+44)7973 492906 for more information on how our clients have deployed and benefited from the RegDelta system.

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RegDelta gives firms control over their regulatory obligations

RegDelta uses AI-enabled NLP to help humans make intelligent decisions about their compliance obligations. In addition to hundreds of NLP tags, each document is enriched with 12 metadata fields by JWG analysts, allowing users to navigate vast libraries in a seamless workflow. 

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At JWG, we understand the stress of onboarding a new application internally, and that’s why we have created a seamless onboarding approach to minimise the impact ton BAU.

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