JWG RegDelta Content USPs 

Bespoke, high quality, cost effective and scalable tracking 

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Deep regulatory content

JWG Provides the most comprehensive, best structured full-text coverage of global, publicly available sources

RegDelta’s unique benefits

  • Filtered 700,000 alerts to capture 28,00 documents, 380,000 pages and 125 million words in 2020
  • 5,300 URLs from 900+ regulatory sources - tailored by doc type from 60 Countries 
  • Translations from 13 Languages into standard English document summary metadata
  • Fast turnaround on ad hoc tracking and document uploading requests
  • Weekly MI from dedicated support team

Competitors limited by

  • Small scopes
  • Hard to add new sources/ documents
  • Noisy, false positives
  • English only
  • Limited MI/ support

Fast, high quality and scalable

Battle tested and proven operating model across UK, India, Kenya and Philippines

RegDelta’s unique benefits

  • Best in class XML formatting with style sheets
  • Current SLA of 2.5 days
  • Extensive, tailored quality control reporting
  • NLP filtering of high-volume sites as VIP service

Competitors limited by

  • Limited formatting, basic text only
  • Missing documents/ file formats
  • Late delivery vs. high SLA
  • Lacking quality controls/ reporting
  • No VIP service for high volumes

Tailored NLP to augment your risk & control framework

Expert living NLP built on 10 years of extensive research with JWG’s global network of thousands of SMEs which help curate a deep set of regulatory obligations

RegDelta’s unique benefits

  • 600+ Legislative initiatives
  • 4,000+ regulatory topics
  • Addition of bespoke themes (e.g., US persons)
  • Seemless ontology upgrades with upward document compatibility

Competitors limited by

  • Brittle metadata structures (not tailorable)
  • Limited ‘living’ human intelligence (outdated)
  • Deep in a few pockets (maybe)
  • Generally lacking broad reg insight
  • Unable to track themes globally

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At JWG, we understand the stress of onboarding a new application internally, and that’s why we have created a seamless onboarding approach to minimise the impact ton BAU.

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